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I'm passionate about crafting seamless web experiences that make a difference.

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Discovering Coding

During my time at university, I stumbled upon a coding bootcamp. Intrigued, I decided to give it a try. The experience was transformative—it opened my eyes to web development and set me on a path to becoming a frontend engineer.

I was particularly drawn to how coding combined creativity with problem-solving.

The Start of Something New

I started my professional career as a Frontend Engineer at Bento Africa in December 2020. Here, I collaborated with cross-functional teams to build innovative solutions, like a wallet system that reduced salary disbursal times and expanded product features to support multiple countries. My efforts were crucial in launching high-value features and creating a design system for consistency.

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html code snippet on a screen

My Path to Frontend Engineering

My journey began in Nigeria, where I grew up with a fascination for technology. From an early age, I was captivated by the potential of computers and the internet. However, it wasn’t until I discovered coding that I truly found my passion.

Leading the Way at Fluidcoins

In August 2021, I took on the role of Lead Frontend Engineer at Fluidcoins. I spearheaded the development of “Flip by Fluidcoins,” a mobile app that facilitated earning, spending, and saving in stablecoins, achieving significant user engagement and transaction volumes.

I also developed essential merchant frontend products, contributing to over $20 million in transaction volumes.

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Seun Akanni playing basketball

In my spare time,

When I'm not coding, I enjoy exploring new technologies, taking new courses on Frontend Masters, engaging with the developer community.

Other than that, you'll find me playing basketball and swimming

Thanks for stopping by!

Current Adventures at Mira

Since April 2023, I've been a contract Frontend Engineer at Mira where I'm developing products like “Link and Direct Order” that streamline ordering and payments in the hospitality industry, with nearly 1,000 daily users and over ₦300M in total order volume as of June 2024.

My work includes building, testing, and maintaining the aforementioned products, internal tools to enhance support and operations, and running leads on product features.

Seun Akanni playing basketball


  • Mira

    Frontend engineer (Contract)

    April 2023 - present

    In charge of continuously buidling, testing, and maintaining Link, Online ordering and Khalifa (an internal observability tool). Writing end to end tests with Playwrite. Taking leads on feature implementations such as Mira Logistics. Contributing so far to over ₦300M in total order volume as of June 2024.

  • Collect Africa

    Frontend engineer

    June 2023 - May 2024

    Started out by revamping the customer dashboard on contract, after which I was permanently retained. Implemented features like role access based controls, budgeting . Built and documented component systems for easy of use, implemented responsive typography. Applied some web optimization techniques like lazy loading (images and components), caching, preconneting URLs such as Backend Apis inorder to reduce connection time and so much more.

  • Fluidcoins

    Frontend & Mobile engineer

    August 2021 - March 2023

    Led the frontend team; a team of two frontend engineers. Spearheaded the development of Flip by Fluidcoins and Fluidshop. Continuously built, maintained and contributed to other essential merchant tools like payment SDK and checkout widget. Also, performed the role of a compliance officer on Flip by Fluidoins. Contributing to over $20m in transaction volumes

  • Bento Africa

    Frontend engineer & Product lead

    December 2020 - September 2021

    Worked in a cross-function team to develop solutions and features like wallet system, role acess based controls, Safeguard, Benefits, Poweredby Bento, extending the current system to support multiple country (including tax calculations, currencies). Product Lead for a small-sized team on a product called People by Bento; engaging and getting product insights from HR pefessionals

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