Fluidcoins Merchant Dashboard

A Powerful Dashboard for Managing Crypto Transactions Seamlessly

Fluidcoins Merchant Dashboard

My Role

Lead Frontend Engineer


  • Lanre Adelowo
  • Seun Akanni
  • Inioluwa Aremu
  • Tosin Oladokun

Timeline & Result

2 years

Onboarded over 1000 business, facilitating to over $20m in transaction volumes


The Fluidcoins Merchant Dashboard was a comprehensive solution for businesses to manage and accept cryptocurrency transactions efficiently.

Businesses leveraged the dashboard to process payments, monitor transaction history, and generate insightful reports. The dashboard supported various cryptocurrencies, and included features such as customer management, invoice generation, and real-time transaction tracking. The platform was a top option it for businesses aiming to integrate crypto payments into their operations.

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More detailed insights about this work is coming soon

This is a discontinued project.

Please reach out if you'd like to learn more about it.